Full Fat Soya Grits (Enzyme active)

We manufacture Full Fat Soya Grits from Non GMO soyabean seeds only. Before processing, seeds go through multiple stage cleaning to remove foreign materials. The graded seeds are then cracked, de-hulled, conditioned and rolled into flakes. The flakes undergo efficient extraction with hexane for De-oiling. They are then de- solventized and toasted, to obtain optimum level of protein, maintain amino acid profile and destroy anti- nutritional factors. The finished product then undergoes a final screening through advanced graders to get desired uniform consistency throughout the product.

Packaging : 25 Kg, 50 Kg or as per customer requirement

Intended use : As a food supplement for children and expectant mothers, patients, confectionery and bakery products. Also used in manufacture of soya sauce, texturised vegetable proteins. Can also used in Cattle feed or Poultry.

Shelf Life : Can be stored for a period of 6 Month from the date of manufacture.

Storage Condition : Store away from direct sunlight and in cool, dry place.

Physical Characteristics:

Parameter Characteristics
Color Light yellow
Odour Fresh, typical of soyabean characteristics odour
Texture Fine grits, free from extraneous matter
Particle size 16 mesh 95% pass or as per customer requirement

Chemical Analysis:

Parameter Standard
Moisture 6-9%
Fat 20% Min
Protein 40% Min
Total Ash 6% Max
Sand & Silica 0.30 % Max
Urease Activity mgsN/gm at 30 Deg. C 2.00-2.20 mgn
Crude Fiber 3.50% max

Microbiological Analysis:

Parameter Standard
Total Plate Count 50000 cfu/g Max
Yeast & Mould <100 cfu/g
Coliform Less then 10 cfu
Salmonella per gm Nil
E.Coli Absent