Soyabean Meal - FAQ (Non-GMO)

*FAQ - Fair Average Quality

Soyabean Meal - FAQ is manufactured using Non GMO Soyabeen seeds. Before processing, seeds go though multiple stage cleaning for removal of foreign materials. The graded seeds are then cracked, de-hulled , conditioned and rolled into flakes. The flakes after efficient extraction, are de-solventised. The desired consistency is obtained though vibro graders.

Packaging : 50 Kg HDPE Bags or as per costumer requirement

Intended use : Use only for animal feed industry

Shelf Life : Use within 18 Month from the date of manufacture.

Storage Condition : Store in cool & dry place at ambient temperature. Must not be exposed to humid condition.

Physical Characteristics:

Parameter Characteristics
Color Golden Yellow
Odour Fresh, typical of soya bean characteristics odour
Texture Uniform, free from extraneous matter
Particle size 95-98 % passing through 4 mm sieve or as required

Chemical Parameters:

Parameter Values
Moisture 13% Max
Fat 1% Max
Protein 46-48%
Sand /Silica 1% Max
Crude Fiber 6.0% Max or as customer requirement
Urease Activity mgsN/gm at 30 Deg. C 0.25 Max