Soya Deodorizer Distillate

We manufacture best quality Soybean oil deodorizer distillate (SODD) in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

SODD is a by-product of the soybean oil refining produced in the deodorization step. SODD is a complex mixture composed of fatty acids, sterols, tocopherols, sterol esters, hydrocarbons, breakdown products of fatty acids, aldehydes, ketones and acylglycerol species. It is an important source of natural tocopherols and phytosterols corresponding approximately 8% and 20%, respectively.

Tocopherols prevent diseases like cancer, cardiovascular and cataracts . They are used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries . Tocopherols are sensible to light, heat, alkali and contaminant metals.

Phytosterols are valuable precursors in the production of hormones. They have hypocholesterolemic, anticarcinogen properties. They are used in manufacturing progesterone, corticoids, estrogens, contraceptives, diuretics, male hormones and vitamin D. They are, also, used in cosmetics, food like margarine, salad oils and dressings.

Specification of Soya Deodorizer Distillate (Fatty Acid)
Parameter Specification
Moisture, Volatile & Insoluble 0.25% max
Origin (Content) Soyabean
Physical Phase Liquid (at above 40 deg C)
Free Fatty Acid 50-60%
Color Brown
Total Fatty Matter 98-99%
Tocopherol 4.50-8.50%