US Sorghum or Better

We export best quality non-genetically modified (Non-GMO) US Sorghum/Better for our customers as per their requirement.

Physical Characteristics

Moisture to average 14.5% or less
Test weight to average 71 kg/hl or more
Damaged kernels to average 5.0% or less (of which heat damage to average 0.5% or less)
Broken kernels / foreign material (fm) to average 6.0% or less (of which fm to average 2.0% or less)
All other as per US no. 2 standards per USDA/FGIS.
1.0 ppm Zearalenone maximum
0.3% Tannin maximum
20 ppb Aflatoxin maximum
1.0 ppm Vomitoxin maximum